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About VoteToronto

What VoteToronto Stands For:

  1. Toronto deserves honest government in City Hall. Clean out backroom dealing and political corruption from Toronto City Council. Free councillors to speak for the people, not just their corporate financial supporters.
  2. Every citizen has a home in Toronto. Provide affordable housing and fair rents for disadvantaged citizens of our city.
  3. Build a vibrant and prosperous Toronto. Encourage economic development in Toronto that benefits all citizens. Focus on knowledge and skill-based industries, and build the tourist business.
  4. Toronto: the most multicultural city in the world. Make community facilities freely available to all its citizens. Celebrate cultural events, welcome immigrants, and offer facilities to help their integration into our city.
  5. Move people, not cars. Expand and improve TTC to get citizens to their destinations conveniently, faster, and cheaper. Emphasize pedestrian and cycling networks. A strong TTC will curb the massive waste of urban sprawl.
  6. Get excited and inspired by culture in Toronto. Increase funding for the arts, cultural and entertainment events to attract citizens and visitors alike. Promote and support of language and cultural diversity in the city.
  7. Make Toronto’s communities beautiful. Encourage good architectural design for new developments or renovated buildings. Build communities with sensible urban planning, rejuvenate our parks--and make Toronto attractive to visitors. Make room for people to be human and enjoy their city.
  8. Champion the Revitalization of the Toronto Waterfront. Stop the Island Airport expansion and its associated fixed link bridge that negates that revitalization. Make the waterfront the recreational mecca for all our citizens and visitors.
  9. Police with a strong hand and a big heart. Encourage police to balance crime stopping, with crime prevention. Build communities, and community services, not jails.
  10. Make Toronto a clean green city that works. Solve the issues around long term sewage disposal system, potable water, garbage collection, and recycling systems. Dramatically reduce the pollution of Toronto’s air, water and noise levels. Clean up our Port Lands, and rejuvenate our natural areas, and make our parks safe for families.

About VoteToronto

VoteToronto is an on-going, independent, community-based volunteer organization that is committed to protecting and enhancing Toronto’s quality of life and long term sustainability, by making political processes transparent, encouraging high quality candidates to run for political office on a progressive, community-based platform, and holding politicians at all 3 levels continuously accountable for the long-term good health of Toronto and its residents.

VoteToronto has been organized by Torontonians who are fed up with backroom dealings at City Hall, which have led to the plan to expand the polluting and money-losing Island Airport, with the computer leasing and Union Station scandals, with cutbacks in community services and with too many Council decisions that favour corporate interests over community needs.

In its simplest form, VoteToronto is geared to create, support and publicize an independent and authoritative web site that will become a sought out source for election related information. VoteToronto's first major initiative was the 10 November 2003 city election.

Who We Are

VoteToronto’s contributors are drawn from communities across Toronto, and have been active on other community-based projects such as battles around Union Station, the Front St. extension, improving social services, dealing more effectively with homelessness, amongst others.

VoteToronto's board members are Susan Swan, author and a leader in the arts community, Bill Freeman, a leader in the fight against the Island Airport, University of Toronto graduate student Jennifer Chan, and Paul Farrelly, market researcher in business and the arts.

Many thanks to David Smiley for his photo of City Hall on the navigation bar.

How To Contact VoteToronto

To contact us or to join our e-mail list, e-mail