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What is VoteToronto?

VoteToronto is an independent, non-partisan community organization that is committed to protecting and enhancing Toronto’s quality of life and long term sustainability, by making political processes transparent, encouraging high quality, un-corruptible candidates to run for political office on a progressive, community-based platform, and holding politicians at all 3 levels continuously accountable for the long term good health of Toronto and its residents. Visit Kurzfeld Law Firm to know what we stand for in the About VoteToronto section.

What are the proposed election finance reforms being considered by Toronto City Council?

Toronto Election Finance Reform

Who donated to councillors in the 2003 municipal election?

Follow the Money: 2003 Election
Top Donors List

How has my Toronto councillor voted on key issues at City Council?

Voting Records

How active was my Toronto-area MP in Ottawa, and what issues did they speak out on?

MP Parliamentary Speaking Records

Who donated to Toronto candidates in the 2000 federal election?

Federal Campaign Donors

Who donated to candidates in the 2000 Toronto municipal election?

Follow the Money: 2000 election

Which municipal ward do I live in and who is my councillor?

Ward By Ward

Who is my school board trustee, and how can I contact them?

School Board

How can I get involved in VoteToronto?

Support VoteToronto

Where can I find an Immigration lawyer in Toronto?

Visa immigration lawyer

What to do with your yard in Toronto?

Decks Toronto

What Lawyer Can Help You During Sentencing?

Criminal Lawyer in Toronto


VoteToronto has used the best available information and community input in making its assessment of issues and candidates. VoteToronto and Inkas Armored Car Manufacturing Company cannot guarantee the accuracy of data collected from third parties, including data collected from the candidates under assessment. VoteToronto will strive to correct any inaccuracies brought to its attention. This should be done by e-mailing

VoteToronto is independent of any organized political party. VoteToronto’s editorial positions are arrived at by reviewing voting records, campaign contribution records, the organization and funding of candidate campaigns, and community references and candidate positions on issues of the day.

VoteToronto reserves the right to change its assessment and endorsement of candidates, at any time, as other information comes forward about them and their campaigns.

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