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St. Paul's - 2000 Donations

Summary Data for the Electoral District 2000 General Election from

The following pie chart shows the summary of campaign contributions reported by candidates to Elections Canada for the 2000 General Election Campaign. The data includes monetary contributions, non-monetary contributions and loans. synopsis of Contributions to Candidate and Riding Associations in the 2000 Election Year

The following table provides a summary of contributions to each candidate in this riding in the 2000 federal election.

There are four types of contributors: Associations; Corporations; Individuals; and Union.

Contributions Via Riding are those made to a riding association; Contributions In-Kind is a monetary value of a service provided to the candidate or riding association; Contributions Via Trust are contributions made to a trust fund which the candidate has established; Contributions Via Loan is a loan made to a candidate.

This data is a consolidation of parts 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 of the Candidate returns made by each Candidate to Elections Canada.

prty_nme last_nme contrib_source Total
Liberal Bennett Assoc. in Kind $28,091
    Associations $20,600
    Associations via Riding $20,000
    Corporate $14,100
    Corpunder$200 $300
    Individual $28,585
    Non-Monetary via Riding $26,341
Liberal Total     $138,017
Progressive Conservative Cline Associations $25,665
    Corporate $3,700
    Corpunder$200 $700
    Individual $10,725
    Individual via Riding $5,500
Progressive Conservative Total   $46,290
Canadian Alliance Caldwell Corporate $3,300
    Corporate via Riding $2,300
    Individual $17,450
    Individual via Riding $14,200
Canadian Alliance Total     $37,250
N.D.P. Hunter Associations $4,418
    Individual $13,335
    Loan Amount $2,500
    Union $100
N.D.P. Total     $20,353
Canadian Action Till Individual $50
Canadian Action Total     $50
Green Party Roebuck Individual $530
Green Party Total     $530
    $242,490 Detail of Election 2000 Contributions

The following table lists the details of contributors to candidates and Riding Associations for the 2000 General Election year in amounts over $200. Details are listed by political party and classified by type of contributor and listed by postal code where available.

prty_nme contrib_source pstl_cde contrb_n amount
Canadian Alliance Corporate M4T2S7 George Weston Ltd $1,000
    M5H3P5 Fairwater Capital Corp $1,150
    M5J2T3 P M Capital inc $1,150
  Corporate via Riding M5H3P5 Fairwater Capital Corp. $1,150
    M5J2T3 P M Capital inc $1,150
  Individual M4T2B8 Margaret Jansen $500
    M4V1G5 Brendan Calder $500
    M4V1J7 Keith Leonard $500
    M4V1W4 James W. Bennett $400
    M4V2L3 Thomas Caldwell $10,000
    M4V2M8 Susan Shaw $250
    M4V2S5 Latham C Burns $500
    M4V2V2 Judith Wilder $1,000
      William Wider $1,050
    M5P1H6 Emma Pagcar $300
      Joseph Pogacar $300
    M5P2M9 David Rideout $350
    M5P2N5 Mary Brownfield Hallward $1,000
    M5P2P5 John Byrne $300
    M5P2S8 Allen T Lambert $250
    M5P3M4 James E D Stuart $250
  Individual via Riding M4T2B8 Margaret Jansen $500
    M4V23 Thomas Caldwell $10,000
    M4V2M1 William Heaslip $1,000
    M4V2V2 Judith Wilder $500
      William P Wilder $550
    M5P2M6 Ian Crookston $300
    M5P2M9 David Rideout $350
    M5P2N5 Mary Brownfield Hallward $1,000
Canadian Alliance Total     $37,250
Liberal Assoc. in Kind M4T3A1 St Pauls Riding Federal Liberal Association $25,892
      St Pauls Riding Federal Liberal Associaton $2,199
  Associations   Ontario Medical Association (A Schumacher) $500
      St. Paul's Riding Federal Liberal Association $20,000
      Name Not Required $100
  Associations via Riding M4T3A1 St. Paul's Riding Federal Liberal Association $20,000
  Corporate   Astral Television Networks (L. De Wilde) $250
      Cassels Brock & Blackwell (B. Thomas) $350
      Country Queen Foods (F Markus) $500
      DL Goldberg & Company Ltd. (D. Goldberg) $500
      Dominion of Canada Insurance (G. Cooke) $500
      Dubois Plumb Partnership Inc. $250
      Eastern Power Limited (M Sommerville) $500
      Eli Lilly Canada (T McCool) $500
      Fasken Martineau Dumoulin (J Campion) $350
      Marisgo Inc. (M. Goldberg) $500
      Mijo Corporation (J Reitman) $1,000
      Onex Corporation (G. Schwartz) $3,000
      Paccanus Inc $350
      Pre-Tan Investments Inc. (M. Goldberg) $500
      Research Pharmaceutical Companies (M. Drouin) $350
      Rogers Group of Companies (J. Innes) $500
      Scotiabank (K. Flynn) $500
      Sherritt (J Montalvo) $2,000
      Teplitsky Colson (S. Brunswick) $500
      Toronto Dominion Bank (N. Guthrie) $700
      Weir Foulds (J. Cowan) $500
  Corpunder$200   Name Not Required $300
  Individual   ALEXANDER STUART $250
      Anne Dinnert $250
      Barry Campbell $350
      Beth Symes $500
      Bonnie Korensuit $250
      Catherine Delaney $1,075
      Dale Philip $350
      David Alexander $250
      David Galloway $500
      Doris Anderson $350
      Estherelke Kaplan $250
      FRANK FELKAI $250
      Frank Gomberg $1,000
      Gary Goldberg $500
      Geoffrey Bledin $350
      George Anderson $250
      George Biggar $500
      Hilary Goldberg $250
      Ian Delaney $1,075
      Igor Korenzuit $250
      Jacinta O'Hanlon $300
      Jan Innes $300
      Jay Rosensweig $550
      Jocelyn Stratton $300
      John Bennett $500
      John Duffy $350
      Judith Broadbent $500
      Keith Ray $500
      Kimberly Cohen $500
      Laurence Lebovic $500
      Leslie Gales (K Ray) $500
      Marc Lipton $350
      Margaret McCain $500
      Marilou McPhedran $350
      Martin O'Connell $500
      Martin Teplitsky $500
      Mary Eberts $2,000
      Michael Quigley $1,000
      Nancy-Gay Rotstein $250
      Peter Frost $500
      Reid Drury $250
      Robert Graham $300
      Robert Hain $1,100
      Stephen Posen $500
      Valerie Hussey $500
      Vera Brookes $350
      Vivian Berman $250
      Name Not Required $5,785
  Non-Monetary via Riding M4T3A1 St. Paul's Riding Federal Liberal Association $26,341
Liberal Total       $138,017
Progressive Conservative Associations M5N1J4 St Paul's Progressive Conservative Riding Associat $25,665
    M5H1H1 Scotiabank $600
    M5H3L5 Heathbridge Graham Inc $250
    M5H3W5 Goodman and Carr $300
    M5J1S9 First International Asset Management Inc $250
    M5J2T3 Harrowston Inc $1,000
    M5L1A2 CIBC $300
  Corpunder$200   Name Not Required $700
  Individual   Name Not Required $3,575
    M4V1T4 Jocelyn L Hart $250
    M4V2L7 Ira Gluskin $300
    M5H3C2 H Donald Guthrie Q C $300
    M5P1P3 Sandra Broudy $1,000
    M5P1V2 Alice R Lorriman $500
    M5P2T9 Eric W Slavens $500
    M5S1G9 Lawrence B Smith $300
    M5T2G2 Sabina Citron $4,000
  Individual via Riding M4V2R1 Douglas Bassett $500
    M4W1G9 Rogers $5,000
Progressive Conservative Total     $46,290