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Trinity-Spadina - 2000 Parliament

Parliamentary Participation Summary

MP Sessions spoken in percent of 393 sessions Rank of 22 Toronto MPs Government Office/ House Committee at dissolution
Ianno 4 1% 22 Human Resources Committee

Parliamentary Participation Details

The following table lists each occasion in which this Toronto MP addressed the 37th Parliament in 390 sessions of the House of Commons between January 29, 2001 and February 24, 2004, including Members' Statements, Oral Questions and Debate. The information was derived from Hansard and indicates the date, parliamentary session number and topic of the speech or intervention. (Note: SOS denotes procedural matters.)

date Parliamentary Day Number Ianno Total
1/31/2001 3 Waxman Death 1
2/6/2001 7 David Iftody Death 1
2/26/2002 153 Immigration softball 1
12/12/2002 262 Presents treaty 1
4/1/2004 408 Insults NDP, Lots of Praise for the Budget, Tuition Fees 1
Grand Total     5